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Voters, Not Tweets Will Hold Judges Accountable

The brazen and violent attack of a young woman in San Francisco and a judge’s refusal to hold the suspect in custody became a highly publicized case that poses some important questions: How many crime victims without a Twitter account suffer in silence? How do we know which judges care more about the rights of the accused than the victim? And is there anything we can do to get better judges?

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District Attorney Debate Video: Moderator Joel Engardio

Video of San Francisco District Attorney debate sponsored by Stop Crime SF and moderated by Joel Engardio. Featuring candidates Chesa Boudin, Leif Dautch, Suzy Loftus and Nancy Tung. Be an informed voter and learn where they stand. The stakes are high. San Francisco ranks #1 in property crime among large U.S. cities. The district attorney sets the agenda for what crimes will and won't be prosecuted.

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Statement on San Francisco’s Ban of Facial Recognition Technology

Instead of an outright ban, a moratorium would have been more appropriate. There are problems with facial recognition ID technology and it should not be used today. But the technology will improve and it could be a useful tool for public safety when used responsibly and with greater accuracy. We should keep the door open for that possibility. Especially when facial recognition technology can help locate missing children, people with dementia and fight sex trafficking.

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