Finally, Neighborhood-Policing for Car Break-Ins

I serve on the board of Stop Crime SF and we applaud Police Chief Bill Scott’s announcement to assign officers in San Francisco neighborhoods dedicated to car break-ins. Our members spoke at City Hall to express the frustration and fear we feel in the neighborhoods. Stop Crime SF supports a focused strategy to fight property crime that has reached epidemic proportions.

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Saving Mohammad

How did a lifeline for LGBT persecution in the Middle East start on the Google bus to Silicon Valley? Meet Kevin Steen, who wouldn’t let 7,500 miles get in the way of helping his Jordanian friend. “Mohammad’s dad threatened to shoot him,” Kevin said. “It was an honor crime waiting to happen.”

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These Kids Believe In Hard Work, Not Unicorns

Iris Bonilla, 20, feels the pressure of being the only Latina in the room — in her college computer classes and at her tech company internship. But don’t call her a unicorn. Hard work, not magic, has gotten her this far. There’s a very real program that academically pushes and supports underserved public school students like Iris to get into and survive college. “Having to represent an entire community is a lot to put on one pair of shoulders,” Iris said. “It’s been nerve-wracking to prove that I can do it. But I think that I have so far.”

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Fueling Girl Power in Tech

No one ever expected a tech revolution on San Francisco’s quiet and once-analog Westside. But at 17, Natalie Lunbeck is one of the young women in West Portal helping close the digital divide: “It feels good to show girls that a computer scientist can look like them, and not just a 30-year-old man.”

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The Lavender Scare

President Trump's executive orders have sparked outrage, but what can we learn from President Eisenhower's 1953 order to purge all gay and lesbian employees from the federal government? "The Lavender Scare" is an award-winning documentary that is both history and a cautionary tale.

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