Fueling Girl Power in Tech

No one ever expected a tech revolution on San Francisco’s quiet and once-analog Westside. But at 17, Natalie Lunbeck is one of the young women in West Portal helping close the digital divide: “It feels good to show girls that a computer scientist can look like them, and not just a 30-year-old man.”

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The Lavender Scare

President Trump's executive orders sparked outrage, but what can we learn from President Eisenhower's 1953 order to purge all gay and lesbian employees from the federal government? "The Lavender Scare" is an award-winning documentary that is both history and a cautionary tale.

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LGBTJoel Engardio
SF Politics 101: Discover Your Shade of Blue

San Francisco Democrats come in many different shades of blue, which is what makes San Francisco politics so confusing. Every month, I try to unravel the confusion with a presentation called “SF Politics 101.” It’s an intro course on politics sponsored by the United Democratic Club. I’m part of a team of speakers who explain local, state and federal basics.

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